Continuous Integration

We will work with your development and operation teams to understand how your current release cycle works. Then work with the teams to automate the process with quality gates and checkpoints, to simplify and speed up deployment cycles. When done right, we can reduce release cycles from weeks to minutes.

Continuous Delivery

We optimise and automate delivery into all of your environments, using best practice methodologies to provide scalable, low TCO solutions. By forcing development and production environments consistency we reduce risk and increase predictability

IaC Support

Need a quicker route to deployment or interested to know how cloud native deployments could work for you?

Reach out for simple advice. Need more than advice, we are happy to help there too. We are experts in modern, version controlled infrastructure provisioning.

Incident Response

We can assess, contain and remediate cyber incidents with our immediate 24x7 response. We have responded to cyber attacks against medical, financial and government systems and hold enhanced security clearances.

We provide incident response support to some of the UKs leading MSPs and insurers.

Firewall Support

For a fixed monthly cost, we provide managed incident response services within aggressive SLAs. The majority of businesses are not able to appropriately investigate and remediate Cyber incidents, so let us do it for you.


For a fixed monthly cost, we provide traditional CISO services on a part-time and ad-hoc basis. Our team of experts are always on hand to provide clear guidance and assist with setting strategic objectives.

A dedicated CISO role within an organisation ensures security is represented at the highest level and becomes a key element to business decisions.

Security in Production

We build robust monitoring and intrusion prevent solutions around your workloads to provide real time visibility and alerting. Using industry leading tools like Sysdig Secure and Contrast Security to provide intelligent threat prevention in Cloud Native environments.

Code Vulnerability Management

We use a range of Open-Source and commercial products to automatically discover security vulnerabilities, before they become a problem in production. We understand that lists of security findings can be overwhelming, so our managed service will review, prioritise and manage your remediation. Enabling your teams to focus on product enhancements.

Web Vulnerability Assessments

Not only are we passionate about security, we also have access to decades of web development and infra experience. We couldn’t be more qualified to assess your web apps.

We utilise experienced developers to provide thorough code reviews, detecting flaws in application logic which security tooling cannot find alone.

A sample report is available here

Penetration Testing

We use industry leading tools and decades of experience to assess client networks and provide a comprehensive security assessment.

We hold a range of security clearances and accreditations, allowing us to audit every network.

A sample report is available here

Ransomware readiness audits

A single Ransomware attack can cripple your business, but it doesn’t need to.

Our experts can assess your risk and provide simple straightforward plan to harden your business. With the correct mitigation, ransomware need not be so scary.

Kubernetes security assessment

Business have raced to adopt Kubernetes, but often introduce risk through poor understanding.

Our qualified experts can evaluate your current deployments and conduct a full, holistic review.