Trusted Security Partner

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As your Trusted Security Partner we provide unlimited advice and guidance to ensure you are able to make informed decisions, respond to cyber incidents and stay secure. Delivered through recurring weekly meetings, frictionless communication with senior consultants, and broad expertise.

Trusted Security Partner
Let us handle your security, whilst you concentrate on using tech to drive innovation and growth.
Our Trusted Security Partner product is our answer to vCISO and fractional CISO services, but with additional value introduced through guaranteed cyber incident response SLAs and truly unlimited guidance.
Our clients love having us as their Trusted Security Partner because we take the stress out of achieving and maintaining Cyber Essentials and ISO27001 compliance, whilst also managing their technical controls too.

Our Trusted Security Partner includes:

Unlimited advice and guidance

We really mean it. Our Trusted Security Partner product has a fixed monthly fee, so you know what you’re paying.

Patch management of servers and endpoints

We can provide automated patching of all your systems, ensuring you keep up to date and secure.

Company policy management and cyber security awareness training

We partner with uSecure to provide complete management of your end user security awareness training and to manage your IT security policies. Staff receive email reminders whenever we make changes to your security policies so they stay up-to-date and you can prove they’ve been agreed to. simon

Weekly check-in meetings

At a time to suit we have weekly check-in meetings where we can discuss those more complex security topics, provide a summary of your patching and asset status, and keep on top of any ISO27001 internal audits or cyber essentials alignment issues.

A dedicated support channel

We use Teams or Slack to provide frictionless communication between internal teams and our security consultants.

Whilst we track cyber incidents and larger engineering tasks using service tickets, we understand that our customers want to be able to talk to us without the formality. With a dedicated Slack or Teams support channel, you’re free to message us at any time during business hours and expect a prompt response.

Assistance with information security policies and compliance

Writing, maintaining and tracking acceptance of IT security policies is a critical component to ISO27001 compliance. Our consultants work with you every step of the way and our platform tracks which users have agreed to your policies and nudges those who haven’t.

Assistance with implementing and measuring conformance to Cyber Essentials technical controls

Cyber Essentials is growing year on year. It’s been a mandatory requirement for Public sector contracts for years but has steadily grown and grown. Implementing its guidance is not difficult and our team are ready to help you through it.

Assistance developing, maintaining and testing incident response procedures and playbooks

Knowing what to do in the event of a Cyber Incident is never easy and it’s always better to be prepared. We’ll work with you to build out incident response plans and playbooks, so you’re better prepared.

Supporting and educating internal staff

We work to upskill your internal teams on how to adequately investigate and respond to a cyber incident through adhoc user training sessions in place of a scheduled weekly check-in meeting.

Trusted Security Partner

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Townsend Music

Townsend Music

Services: Trusted Security Partner, Cloud Engineering support, Cloud Security

We initially reached out to Punk Security to help us out with our hosting architecture and were impressed with their breadth of knowledge.

With their expertise we were able to implement additional controls into AWS and successfully scale our systems. When we needed to gain more performance insights, their engineers configured our datadog platform end to end.

We’ve found that they really take the time to understand our problem and then put forward a great solution.



Services: Trusted Security Partner, Managed Incident Response

Our internal IT team were in need of expert consultancy to help us strengthen our cybersecurity measures and protect our sensitive data.

We engaged the services of Punk Security and were thoroughly impressed with the level of professionalism and knowledge they brought to the table.

The team was able to provide valuable insights and recommendations, and their guidance helped us implement effective security protocols that have greatly enhanced our overall security posture.