Kubernetes Security Assessment

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A Kubernetes Security Assessment focuses on evaluating the security posture of Kubernetes clusters to ensure they are configured and managed securely, protecting against threats while enabling efficient deployment and management of containerized applications.

Kubernetes Security Assessment
Businesses have raced to adopt Kubernetes, but often introduce risk through poor understanding.
This comprehensive assessment ensures that Kubernetes environments are not only configured for optimal performance and scalability, but are also hardened against potential security threats, thereby supporting secure container orchestration for cloud-native applications.

The assessment typically includes:

Security Configuration and Policy Review:

  • Evaluating Kubernetes configurations and policies to protect against unauthorized access and threats.
  • Assessing Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) policies to ensure least privilege access.
  • Reviewing network policies and segmentation to restrict traffic between pods and external access.
  • Inspecting Pod Security Policies (PSPs) or their modern equivalents to enforce security best practices in pod creation and operation.

Data Security:

  • Assessing encryption of data at rest within persistent volumes and secrets management.
  • Evaluating configurations for encrypting data in transit between components.

Network Security:

  • Reviewing the implementation of network policies for pod-to-pod communication and ingress/egress controls.
  • Assessing the use of service meshes for secure service-to-service communication.
  • Evaluating the configuration of Kubernetes ingress controllers for secure application exposure.

Cluster Management Security (if self-managed):

  • Inspecting the security of the Kubernetes API server and etcd database, including authentication, authorization, and encryption settings.
  • Reviewing the security configurations of Kubernetes control plane components.
  • Evaluating the integration and use of Kubernetes security features like Admission Controllers for enhanced security vetting of workloads.

Vulnerability Management and Patching:

  • Inspecting container images for vulnerabilities and ensuring an automated scanning process.
  • Assessing the process for updating Kubernetes components and container images to address vulnerabilities.

Compliance and Best Practices:

  • Checking adherence to Kubernetes security best practices and benchmarks (e.g., CIS Kubernetes Benchmark).
  • Reviewing the cluster setup and configurations for compliance with relevant standards (e.g., NIST, PCI-DSS, HIPAA where applicable).

Logging, Monitoring, and Alerting:

  • Evaluating the implementation of logging and monitoring to cover all critical components of the Kubernetes cluster.
  • Reviewing alerting mechanisms for security incidents and performance issues.

Disaster Recovery and Data Backup:

  • Assessing strategies for disaster recovery, including backup and restore procedures for Kubernetes resources and persistent data.

Identity and Access Management:

  • Reviewing the management of identities and access controls, including integration with external identity providers.
  • Evaluating the use and management of service accounts within the cluster.

Security Testing and Audit:

  • Conducting security penetration testing on the Kubernetes environment to identify potential vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.
  • Reviewing audit logs and trails for suspicious activities or non-compliance with security policies.
  • Reviewing auxiliary services, such as DNS and certificate operators.

Infrastructure as Code Security:

  • Assessing the security of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) practices used for provisioning and managing Kubernetes resources.
  • Reviewing the use of version control and automated deployment pipelines for Kubernetes configurations and secrets.
  • Reviewing the CI/CD tooling, such as ArgoCD or Jenkins.

Kubernetes Security Assessment

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Townsend Music

Townsend Music

Services: Trusted Security Partner, Cloud Engineering support, Cloud Security

We initially reached out to Punk Security to help us out with our hosting architecture and were impressed with their breadth of knowledge.

With their expertise we were able to implement additional controls into AWS and successfully scale our systems. When we needed to gain more performance insights, their engineers configured our datadog platform end to end.

We’ve found that they really take the time to understand our problem and then put forward a great solution.



Services: Trusted Security Partner, Managed Incident Response

Our internal IT team were in need of expert consultancy to help us strengthen our cybersecurity measures and protect our sensitive data.

We engaged the services of Punk Security and were thoroughly impressed with the level of professionalism and knowledge they brought to the table.

The team was able to provide valuable insights and recommendations, and their guidance helped us implement effective security protocols that have greatly enhanced our overall security posture.



Services: Incident Response, Cloud Engineering support

We originally sought Punk’s services to support us with a potential cyber-attack. The team responded immediately, out of hours, and calmly and professionally walked us through the necessary steps to determine that our environment hadn’t been compromised.

Since then, we have engaged Punk to carry out a third party audit of our cloud environment and a gap analysis against the Cyber Essentials and ISO270001 criteria. The team provided a thorough report with recommendations and are now working with us to improve our processes and systems.

I feel assured that we are walking towards best practice security operations.



Services: Penetration Testing, Cloud Engineering support

Having attended a live hack demo held at C4DI we approached Punk Security to help sure-up our cyber security and DevOps processes. Punk not only completed this audit but passed on valuable gained knowledge to our team to broaden their skills and insight in this area.

We have since continued to work in partnership with Punk to implement a WAF and frequently consult their expertise in DevOps in relation to our application so we can all learn and grow in a collaborative way.

Punk are approachable, knowledgeable and also adept at explaining in layman’s terms for the less technical! We look forward to continuing our fruitful working relationship.



Services: DevSecOps training

Our team at Illumio recently participated in a custom CTF event hosted by Punk Security, and it was a great experience! The CTF was not only challenging but also immensely educational, especially in the realm of cloud security principles.

The challenges presented during the CTF were designed to cover a broad spectrum of cloud security topics. This approach allowed our team to dive deep into practical scenarios that tested our skills and pushed us to explore new strategies and technologies. The balance between difficulty and learning outcomes was perfectly struck, ensuring that each team member, regardless of their prior level of expertise, found the event to be rewarding.

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth

Services: Vulnerability scanning, Cloud Engineering support

Punk Security were happy to perform external scans pro bono due to our status as an NGO.

The team also spent meeting time on two separate occasions to discuss our requirements and provide advice without any commitment or expectation. I’ll certainly be coming to Punk Security again in future should we need further security services



Services: DevSecOps training

Punk Security provided exceptional DevSecOps training for our engineers here at Sage and delivered an outstanding talk at our Securing Sage Summit.

Their expertise and knowledge were evident throughout the sessions.

Not only were they efficient and great to work with, but their presentation was also the highest rated session of the entire event. We highly recommend Punk Security for any security-related needs.