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We’re a DevSecOps consultancy in the UK

We’ve got years of experience in DevSecOps consulting, and we’re on a mission to eliminate vulnerabilities before they’re a threat.


We enable companies to build an effective DevSecOps program which actually works.

We providing training, consulting, engineering and auditing to ensure your DevSecOps initiative succeeds.

For smaller companies, we provide fully-managed DevSecOps implementations to provide the full benefit, with no requirement for internal DevSecOps staff.


We design, implement and support DevOps pipelines that allow our customers to reliably deploy their applications into new and existing environments.

Our test engineers can implement quality and security gates, preventing problems from impacting service.

Cyber Security

We specialise in understanding modern apps, architecture and agile delivery processes and provide the traditional suite of Cyber Security services:

  • Penetration testing of web applications, infrastructure, cloud and kubernetes.
  • Incident Response

Cloud Engineering

We have expertise across all Cloud platforms and our cloud architects are on hand to assist with your challenges.

Our cloud engineering team are able to augment your existing team, or provide managed support 24/7.


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What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is the practice of integrating security into every phase of the software development lifecycle, from planning and development to testing and deployment. It is crucial because it ensures that security is not an afterthought but a core component of the development process, reducing vulnerabilities and improving overall security posture.

How does DevSecOps reduce cost?

Reworking application code is difficult, and a level of understanding needs to be built up before accurate changes can be made. A developer new to an applications is much more likely to implement bugs and defects because they are simply not familiar with the nuances of the application. This same problem is true for experienced developers when they revisit code changes they made months ago. The result is more time spent learning and understanding the code itself, and less time spent fixing the problem.

The solution to this problem is to detect bugs early, and fix them whilst the developer who made the change is still familiar with the code. This is the ideal of DevSecOps, which you will see referred to as “Shifting left”. We want to find security defects as early as possible, so they can be fixed as quickly and cheaply as possible.

How can we help?

DevSecOps is more than just implementing tools. You may recognise the pattern that most businesses follow:

  • Purchase one or more tools
  • Implement the tools across the business and block development if issues are found
  • Thousands of issues are raised, development stops and the tools are turned off

This is unfortunately most organisations experience of DevSecOps, and the promised ideal is never realised. We’ve seen this plenty of times before, and we can help you avoid it. We achieve this through hollisitc auditing, sensible advice, direct engineering support, and targeted training to raise engagement levels.

We can fully implement and manage your DevSecOps program in place of a dedicated DevSecOps function, or we can break our services out into discrete components and advise which offers the most immediate value to you. Typically this begins with one of our senior consultants assessing your maturity against the OWASP SAMM and DSOMM frameworks.

Is DevSecOps better than DevOps?

The two ideals go hand-in-hand and there is a lot of overlap!

We can implement DevSecOps tooling into conventional git-based software development processes without any DevOps maturity at all, but DevSecOps tooling and processes also allow us to secure the automation businesses rely on the build and deploy software.

Do you need to be Agile to implement DevSecOps?

Not at all. DevSecOps is an ideal, and methodology, for identifying security issues earlier and enabling development teams to fix defects at the earliest and cheapest opportunity. If you are not developing in sprint cycles, you are still very likely developing in small units of work which are perfect for providing quick feedback.

Is DevSecOps a Cybersecurity function?

Ultimately, yes. The responsibility to manage an organisations risk, and apply appropriate controls falls under the security team and typically the security function will fund the DevSecOps effort. Unfortunately, security teams rarely understand what the development teams are doing, and a language barrier forms which prevents useful discussions and leads to a growing sense of unease.

The development functions are motivated to produce value quicker, by prioritising and shipping features that bring the most value to the customer and therefore the company. The goal of DevSecOps is to introduce security without compromising their ability to develop at the pace they need to.

Does DevSecOps need coding?

All of our experts are seasoned developers, trained and experienced in Cyber Security. One of the major problems with implementing DevSecOps into an organisation is the language barrier between the development and security teams. Security teams are typically risk and vulnerability-focused, and they understand the dangers of SQL injections and poor IAM controls. Conversely, developers have a deep understanding of their codebases and the libraries, tools, services which make them work. A DevSecOps engineer must be able to understand and explain issues to both parties, ensuring frictionless collaboration.

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Services: Penetration Testing, Cloud Engineering support

Having attended a live hack demo held at C4DI we approached Punk Security to help sure-up our cyber security and DevOps processes. Punk not only completed this audit but passed on valuable gained knowledge to our team to broaden their skills and insight in this area.

We have since continued to work in partnership with Punk to implement a WAF and frequently consult their expertise in DevOps in relation to our application so we can all learn and grow in a collaborative way.

Punk are approachable, knowledgeable and also adept at explaining in layman’s terms for the less technical! We look forward to continuing our fruitful working relationship.



Services: DevSecOps training

Our team at Illumio recently participated in a custom CTF event hosted by Punk Security, and it was a great experience! The CTF was not only challenging but also immensely educational, especially in the realm of cloud security principles.

The challenges presented during the CTF were designed to cover a broad spectrum of cloud security topics. This approach allowed our team to dive deep into practical scenarios that tested our skills and pushed us to explore new strategies and technologies. The balance between difficulty and learning outcomes was perfectly struck, ensuring that each team member, regardless of their prior level of expertise, found the event to be rewarding.



Services: DevSecOps training

Punk Security provided exceptional DevSecOps training for our engineers here at Sage and delivered an outstanding talk at our Securing Sage Summit.

Their expertise and knowledge were evident throughout the sessions.

Not only were they efficient and great to work with, but their presentation was also the highest rated session of the entire event. We highly recommend Punk Security for any security-related needs.

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