DevSecOps CTF 2024

Its our birthday CTF!

What is it?

A DevSecOps CTF to celebrate our Birthday! You can expect some great challenges built around aws, git, ansible, kubernetes and more.

What’s a CTF?

A series of fun puzzles where teams compete to solve challenges and win points.

Whats the team size?

1-5 players per team, with prizes split amongst the winning team.


There will be easy challenges and hard ones, so something for everyone. For the easier challenges, no prior experience is needed.

Why join us?

Its going to be AWESOME!

Last year we had 737 players across 486 Teams, with one team managing to complete ALL challenges!

This year we’re bringing all new challenges, breaking everything from passwords, to webapps and CI pipelines!

We have prizes

We’ve got some fab courses from Capture The Talent and some limited Punk Security SWAG

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When is it?

Registration opens

May 1st

Discord chat opens

May 4th - 9AM UK


May 4th - 10AM UK / 4AM EST


May 4th - 10PM UK / 4PM EST

Prizes! [TOP UK TEAMS]

First place

💲 £100 Amazon Voucher

💰 Punk SWAG (stickers and a commemorative badge)

Second place

💲 £50 Amazon Voucher

💰 Punk SWAG (stickers and a commemorative badge)

Third place

💰 Punk SWAG (stickers and a commemorative badge)