We gold sponsored BSIDES Cheltenham with awesome badges

Simon discussing how to prototype PCB electronics
Simon discussing how to prototype PCB electronics

We ran a stall, gave 2 talks and provided 400 Delorean PCB conference branches to make BSIDES Cheltenham that little bit more awesome.

Last year we spoke at BSIDES Cheltenham about the dangers of poorly configured file servers and how our tool SMBeagle can help businesses and penetration testers get a handle on this situation.

We returned to BSIDES Cheltenham this year with our A game, presenting two very different talks and providing functional PCB Delorean badges!!

How to find leaked secrets at enterprise scale!

Daniel deep-dived into Git and how developers use it to track their applications in a version-controlled and auditable way, but also how attackers use this same version control system to find leaked passwords.

We built a tool to make it easier for businesses to get a handle on what secrets they have already leaked, so they can take action now to mitigate the risk. It’s opensource, so you can use it yourself or ask us to help out.

Check out Secret Magpie on Github https://github.com/punk-security/secret-magpie-cli

How to build your own conference badges 🤖

Simon gave an altogether different talk! Having designed and provided the 400 Delorean PCB conference badges this year, he presented a one-hour run-through of exactly what it takes to design your own functional PCBs and have them fabricated.

Simon gave a talk at Blackhat USA last year and at the same time got hooked on the PCB Art subculture which dominates DefCon!

When we heard that BSIDES Cheltenham was going to be a Back To The Future theme this year, we jumped at the chance to make it that little bit more awesome and build some badges.

To coincide with the conference badges, Simon put together a one-hour talk on the full process AND we raised over £300 for MIND by selling the DIY soldering kits to make them work.


For more information, email us at [email protected] or call us on 0161 660 3545


Simon Gurney

- CTO -

Simon is one of the Punk Security Directors and has over 17 years experience working within IT, primarily focused on automation and InfoSec.

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