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Punk Security

Punk Security was founded in early 2021, and has grown year on year.

We are able to deliver a wide range of cyber security services, including traditional cyber security services and the more specialist DevSecOps consulting services.

About Us

We’re a security company

Traditional security services

We offer the full range of traditional InfoSec services including security assurance, architecture reviews and vCISO.

Penetration testing and auditing

We perform full infrastructure and web application penetration testing, in both cloud and on-premise environments.

We’re a DevOps company

Any Cloud

We work with all major cloud platforms, allowing us to audit environments and build secure automation no matter which flavour you use.

Any Tool

We don’t just resell one vendor, we use the right tools to suit each client and we always ensure we build the simplest and most robust configuration.

We automate

We work with the leading automation orchestrators to eliminate repetitive tasks and promote robust processes.

We’re a DevSecOps company

We build security into automated pipelines

Todays application developers rely heavily on automation to rapidly implement fixes and features through delivery pipelines.

We enable our customers to build security gates into these pipelines, driving down risk at every step.

We understand the threat

We are experienced penetration testers and vulnerability researchers so we know a false positive from a real vulnerability.

We care

Open source developers

We contribute to existing opensource products and maintain two of our own. Check out pwnSpoof and SMBeagle

Community speakers

We regularly talk at major conferences such as DTX, @Hack and Blackhat

CTF contributors

We directly support CTF competitions like BSIDES to help inspire and train the next generation.

We aso run our own annual DevSecOps CTF to upskill the next generation


We use the right technology for each project, but maintain strategic partnerships to get the best for our customers.